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MODEL Integrated pressurized solar water heater with enamelled tank
Inner tank material 2mm enamelled pressed steel coated 0.5mm porcelain enamel
Outer tank material colored steel sheet,thickness:0.4mm/stainless steel sheet,thickness:0.4mm/galvanized steel sheet,thickness:0.4mm
Outer tank diameter 460mm/480mm
Insulation layer 55mm,heat preservation 100 hours
Frame and frame angle aluminum alloy,thickness:2mm 0-45°/stainless steel,thickness:1.2mm 27°,30°,38°,45°/galvanized steel,thickness:1.2mm 27°,30°,38°,45°
Heat pipe ø58mm*1800mm,three high vacuum tube
Lowest working temperature -10°C/-40°C
Heat pipe condenser size 9mm
Working pressure 7bar/0.7MPa
Testing pressure 12bar/1.2MPa
Needed accessories electrical heater, T/P valve, one way safety valve, Magnesium bar, controller, working stain, plastic cap
Hail resistance 20mm
Model Absorbing area(m2) Heat pipe Tank Capacity Qty.(Sets)
Diameter Length Number 20" 40HQ
HM-470-1800/58-15 2.07 ø58mm 1800mm 15 136L 41 91
HM-470-1800/58-16 2.21 ø58mm 1800mm 16 145L 44 98
HM-470-1800/58-18 2.49 ø58mm 1800mm 18 160L 40 90
HM-470-1800/58-20 2.76 ø58mm 1800mm 20 175L 35 73
HM-470-1800/58-24 3.32 ø58mm 1800mm 24 208L 30 68
HM-470-1800/58-30 4.15 ø58mm 1800mm 30 256L 25 55
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