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Himin U pipe solar collector HUJ1
Product introduction

The Himin HUJ1 U pipe collector includes a heater, vacuum tubes, U frame, mounting frames and a tube bottom rack. It is typically used to collect heat for space heating or domestic hot water. The collector can be installed individually, or connected to a hot water system. The HUJ1 U pipe solar collector is one of 2015’s new products.

1. This pipe collector uses a vacuum tube and heat transfer method through u pipes to redce heat loss and ensure a higher collector temperature.
2. There is no water inside the vacuum tubes, therefore there is no contamination and no breaks. U pipe technology is used, so that temperatures rise quickly, making the U pipe solar collector efficient and reliable.
3. There are no restrictions on the installation height, and there are different pressure options and a large water flow to make your bathing experience comfortable and pleasant.
4. The optimal design of the collector makes it less visually obvious, and ensures it is more compatible with existing architectural designs.

Structure and working principle
Product Structure
  • 1.Collector;  2.Hot water  3.Cold water;  4.Water Tank

  • 1.Sunlight;  2.Vacuum tube;  3.U pipe

Working Principle
The sunlight shines on the outer wall of the vacuum tube and is absorbed by the all glass tube. The light is then converted to heat energy which is then transferred to the U pipe via fan, which aims to heat the heat transmission medium that exists in the U pipe. Finally, the heat energy is conveyed to the water in the water tank.

Technical parameters
The parameter of vacuum tube
Length(mm) 2100
Structure (mm) double glass tubes
Outer Diameter of outer tube(mm) 58
Thickness of outer tube(mm) 1.8
Inner Diameter of inner tube(mm) 47
Thickness of inner tube(mm) 1.6
Material high borosilicate glass 3.3
Solar transmission rate ≥0.92
Selective coating type AIN/AIN-SS/Cu
Absorptance ratio ≥0.94
Vacuum degree(Pa) <5.0×10-4
Maximum temperature(℃) 250~320
Heat Loss (W/㎡·℃) ≤0.5
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 0.6
The parameter of solar collector
Specification of collector HUJ1-15/2.1 HUJ1-20/2.1
Specification of vacuum tube Φ58×2100×14 Φ58×2100×20
No. of vacuum tube 15 20
Weight empty 67kg 88.19kg
Outline dimension(mm) 2240×1254×155 2240×1614×155
Capacity of collector 2.59L 3.99L
Flow L/(min·㎡) 0.6~1.2 0.6~1.2
Collector type copper U pipe copper U pipe
Insulation material PU PU
Working medium Propylene glycol or water Propylene glycol or water
Rated Pressure 0.6MPa 0.6Mpa
Total area 2.53㎡ 3.33㎡
Aperture area 1.77㎡ 2.37㎡
Absorber area 1.44㎡ 1.92㎡
Shell material aluminum aluminum
Frame material galvanized steel plate galvanized steel plate
Tailstock material Nylon Nylon
Collector interface 3/4″coupling nut 3/4″coupling nut
Maximum working temperature 240℃ 240℃
The instantaneous efficiency curve is based on the aperture area (Aa), inlet temperature (ti; linear fit) and an assumed irradiation of 800W/m2.
The relation curve of the pressure drop between two ends △p and mass flow m
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