Solar Collector with Connecting Pipe (Horizontal)

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Solar Collector with Connecting Pipe (Horizontal)
Himin manifold collector JPH-50TX18
Product specification sheet

Himin’s manifold collector includes the high efficiency vacuum tube. The exclusive use of the most advanced sputtered double cermet selective absorber coating gives the tube a 0.94 ≤ absorptivity ≤ 0.96 and 0.04 ≤ emissivity ≤ 0.06. The manifold collector has water inside the glass tube, and a bracket that goes with the collector. The water circulation is carried out inside the collector header, the tubes, and the water storage tank. Put together, each of those components makes up a direct system that is easily used in commercial and industrial solar hot water systems.

Physical Properties
Characteristic Valve
Tube L/OD 1800mm/58mm
Tube no. 50PCS
Overall Length 3672mm
Overall Width 2450mm
Absorber Area 4.05㎡
Aperture Area 4.71㎡
Gross Area 7.6㎡
Max Operating Pressure 0.1MPa
Weight, full of water 337kg
Key Material Properties
Characteristic Valve
Vacuum tube Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
Kind of Selective Coating AlN/AIN-SS/Cu on glass
Header Tube SUS304/0.8mm
Header Casing SPGC with Color/0.5mm
Header Inlet/Outlet DN25
Insulation Polyurethane
Rubber Components EPDM Silicone Rubber
Mounting Frame Hot-dip Galvanized Steel/4mm
Performance Properties
Characteristic Valve
Efficiency 0.66 (aperture area)
Heat Loss co efficiency 2.8W/(㎡·K)
Installation Guidelines
Installation Angle 0-90°
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