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    1. Solar Street Light Designed with non-contact control technology, the solar street light is provided with antibacklash and anti-reverse functions. It truly solves the lighting problem in urban main roads and it is more suitable for use in existing road lighting renovation projects.
    1. Solar Garden Light Our solar garden light has elegant appearance with colorful and diverse light design. It can decorate the city, garden, community, park, square and tourist attractions.
    1. Solar Traffic Light The solar traffic light is mainly used at the intersection in urban transport system, helping achieve both energy conservation and easy traffic management.
    1. Solar Lawn Light Our solar lawn light uses energy-saving lamp or LED as the light source. It can realize circular color changing, which is dynamic and vivifying.
    1. Solar Landscape Light Our solar landscape light shows a strong sense of innovation and visual impact. It integrates culture elements of classic dance and national costume of China's Dai nationality, Tibetan nationality and other national minorities.
    1. Solar Deck Light Our solar deck light has small and exquisite appearance. Equipped with colorful light sources, the lamp can create a certain pattern, so it not only serves for lighting but also plays a decorative role.
    1. Mono Solar Module Himin high efficiency PV modules incorporate a complete range of 210mm, 182mm and 166mm options to meet the needs of different application. so it can deliver 3% positive tolerance in power.
    1. Poly Solar Module The poly solar module is made of world-class solar cells which provide stable performance, so it has 3% positive tolerance in power.
    1. Roof panel Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) is a new concept that uses solar power generation. Briefly speaking, the solar panel is installed in the outer surface of buildings to supply electricity.
    1. Grid Tied Solar Power System The grid tied solar power system stores the electric power produced by the solar panels into the battery in the day. When people need to use electricity at night, they can directly use the electric energy stored in the battery.
    1. Solar Base Station The solar base station is suitable for use in areas where there is no electricity or lack of electricity. It makes full use of solar energy to provide those areas with timely communication and information.
    1. Solar Powered Water Pump Using solar powered water pump is a kind of environmentally friendly way to gain clean water resources effectively. Powered by the electric energy converted from the solar power, the pump starts working and introduces underground water into water tanks for domestic water use, livestock drinking, and field irrigation.

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