Copper Coil Water Tank

Copper Coil Water Tank

Owing to enamel technology used in water tank and double anticorrosive protection in magnesium and electronic anode, copper coil water tank could be used for longer time. Besides, copper coil water tank is characterized by high heat collecting efficiency due to application of U type vacuum tube and U type heat pipe collector.

Parameters of copper coil water tank
Model Code Heat-transferring Media Heat-exchanging form Collecting Area (m2) Collector Water Tank Suitable Region
Type Quantity Capacity (L) Voltage (VAC)
QHTI-II-300-00 HM101U02 Anti-freeze Fluid Copper Coil Tube 3.4 HUJ-16/2.1 2 300 220VAC,50HZ 40°N~50°N
HM101R02 3.2 HRJ-16/1.8 2 High Irradiation Area
HM101P02 5.94 P-G/0.6-T-2.15 3 0°~40°N
QHTI-II-200-00 HM101U01 Anti-freeze Fluid Copper Coil Tube 2.3 HUJ-12/1.8 2 200 220VAC,50HZ 40°N~50°N
HM101R01 2.0 HRJ-20/1.8 1 High Irradiation Area
HM101P01 3.96 P-G/0.6-T-2.15 2 0°~40°N
Technical specifications of copper coil water tank
Capacity 200L 300L
Outer diameter of water tank (mm) φ520 φ600
Product height 1760 mm 1780 mm
Net weight 82 kg 101 kg
Voltage 110~230 VAC 110~230 VAC
Frequency (Hz) 50 50
Electric heating power 2000W 2000W
Max. working pressure 0.7MPa 0.7MPa
Highest temperature 99℃ 99℃
Insulation material PU PU
Insulation thickness 52mm 50mm
diameter of water inlet/outlet 1/2″ 1/2″
diameter of solar inlet/outlet 1/2″ 1/2″  

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