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Judging from the name, HM006 pressurized flat plate solar water heater is manufactured with blue film flat plate collector by pressurized process. Its collector and water tank are separated before installation. Meantime, every water tank of pressurized flat plate solar water heater is embedded with enamel inner tank. When it operates, heat absorbed by collector is transferred to water tank through natural circulation, so hot water is obtained. Besides, anticorrosive technology is adopted to ensure good performance of pressurized flat plate solar water heater. Especially in parts of Magnesium rod and electronic anode, double anticorrosive protection is the prominent feature.

Following picture can help customers know pressurized flat plate solar water heater in detail.

1. Inner tank: made of enamel, two times enamel coating makes the product more durable
2. Outer tank: made of colored steel(colored can be chosen by the client)
3. Insulation: polyurethane, 50mm thickness. Heat preservation for 72 hours.
4. Stand: flat roof or slope roof. can be designed combined with the house, wind resistant.
5. flat panel: beautiful in design, high tempered glass.
6. solar medium circulating in ther system: work well in winter/low temperature.

Model HM-2.0-80
Collector Dimension(mm) 2000 x 1000 x 80
Overall area(m2) 2.0
Aperture area(m2) 1.84
Absorber area(m2) 1.84
Fluid capacity 1.8L
Header dimension(mm) Φ22
Welding way Laser welding
Max working pressure 0.6mpa
Absorber material Aluminum/Full plate
Absorber coating Blue selective coating
Absorption 95%
Emittance 5%
Insulation material Fiberglass
Insulation thickness(mm) back:30
Transmittance 92%
Glazing material low iron tempered textured glass 3.2mm
Frame Aluminum alloy
Back plate Aluzinc steel
Frame color Silver/Black/Brown
Sealing Silicon glue
Net weight(kg) 31
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