Solar Roof Tile

Solar Roof Tile

The solar roof tiles are fully interchangeable, which allows different combinations of PV, SHW and roof lights. The Tedlar backed translucent PV panels allow light to enter the space below, creating a beautiful and useful conservatory on the roof. The whole energy roof surface is made of matt black anodised aluminium and is flush fitting, which is attractive, unobtrusive and easy to maintain.

Himin solar roof tile is designed to meet three types of applications:
1. Newly built homes, workspace and public buildings
2. Retrofitting existing buildings of all kinds and ages
3. Large scale free-standing canopies over public open space, parking and transport hubs.

Installing an integrated solar energy roof can also make you money. If your existing property needs re-roofing, the solar roof tile offers a more economical solution. With a similar price to a typical new roof surface, the translucent energy roof can create a useful rooftop conservatory, whilst also providing free electricity and hot water. This can be upgraded by insulating between the rafters at a later date, providing an additional habitable room, for example an extra bedroom or study, which would also add value to your home.

1. Newly Built House

The solar roof tile can create a beautiful shaded day-lit conservatory at the top of a residential building, perfect for growing plants, drying laundry and relaxing.

2. Residential Refurbishment

There are 22 million existing dwellings in UK, among which 19.6 million are houses with roofs. Assuming that only 15% of these houses have a suitable south-facing roof, without over-shading, and a reasonable and accessible roof space to convert into a usable room, it can be estimated that 2.9 million existing UK homes can be retrofitted with a solar PV roof.

3. Canopies in Public Space
PV canopies can provide shelter to a variety of activities that would otherwise be weather-dependent. These canopies can also be deployed in other locations, where for example, the sun is too strong during the hottest seasons and certain times of the day.

4. Electric Transportation
The solar roof tile is a perfect option for creating shaded and sheltered parking for electric bikes, while providing the clean solar energy needed to recharge them.

E-bikes are the future for suburbia with poor access to public transport. They can replace cars and make zero carbon suburbia or personal urban transport possible. Two Himin ZED 185W panels can produce enough electricity to allow two people to travel 10,000 miles per year on an electric bike. With the same cost as a fossil fuel car, a bike port and two e-bikes provide carbon-free travel with the added bonus of no fuel costs.

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