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1. Designed with non-contact control technology, the solar street light is provided with antibacklash and anti-reverse functions. It truly solves the lighting problem in urban main roads and it is more suitable for use in existing road lighting renovation projects.
2. Our product has nice shape. Its pole is designed based on mechanics, which greatly increases wind resistant strength.
3. The lamp body is made of Class A cold-rolled steel and the surface is hot dip galvanized and sprayed.
4. Our product is equipped with high-performance smart charge and discharge control system which adopts advanced optical control and time control techniques.
5. Gel batteries are adopted.
  • HZL-14
  • HZL-30
  • HZL-40
  • HZL-41
  • HZL-42
  • HZL-43
  • HZL-45
  • HZL-47
  • HZL-48
  • HZL-51
  • HZL-53
  • HZL-56
  • HZL-63
  • HZL-70
  • HZL-73
  • HZL-74
  • HZL-75
  • HZL-80

In order to save the conventional energy and protect the human environment, more and more countries have adopted the solar lamp to replace the traditional street lights. In this market context, our company specially launched a series of high performance solar lamps. The solar modules charge the battery during the day and the battery supplies the load during the night. The solar road lamp only needs a cement base for fixing, without any complex underground pipelines. In this way, the light not only saves a lot of manpower and resource, but also saves you a lot of electricity.

Our solar street lights use high-power LED as light sources with the conversion efficiency up to 90%, while only 20% of ordinary light can be converted into visible light. The light body material is high-quality steel with good mechanical properties. The surface of the light body is processed by hot-dip galvanizing and spraying to avoid oxidation corrosion and to make the light body appear new. There are 10 models available for this series of solar street lights.

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Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light

1. Wind solar hybrid street light is a kind of renewable energy lighting product with strong adaptability and practicability. It is able to automatically use the wind energy and solar energy for lighting. It runs reliably with high efficiency.
2. This lighting system switches and regulates the state of storage battery according to the change of sun radiation, wind speed, and load, making it run alternately under the conditions of charging, discharging, floating charge, etc., thus ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.
3. The wind solar hybrid street light ingeniously uses the complementarity of solar energy and wind energy. It reasonably arranges the ratio of solar modules and wind turbines according to the solar radiation and wind energy in different areas.

  • HZF-01
  • HZF-02
  • HZF-03
  • HZF-04
  • HZF-05
  • HZF-06
  • HZF-07
  • HZF-08
  • HZF-09

By the complementarity principle of wind and solar energy, our light transfers wind and solar energy into electricity for lighting. The wind solar hybrid street light not only has all the advantages of solar street light but also can run normally during rainy days.

The solar hybrid street light from our company adopts an intelligent control system. In order to guarantee the safe working status in a variety of outdoor environments, the lamp body and accessories are made of steel materials with hot dip galvanizing and spray treatment, so the lamp has high strength and corrosion resistance.

In addition, our wind solar hybrid street light uses microcomputer intelligent waterproof controller, with overcharge and over discharge protection functions as well as light control plus time control modes. The light has daily working time of 6-8 hours with the temperature from -30℃ to 60℃. It can also work for consecutive 3-6 days during the rainy days. The light source height is 8 to 10 meters. There are a variety of models available for your choice.

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