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1. Our solar garden light has elegant appearance with colorful and diverse light design. It can decorate the city, garden, community, park, square and tourist attractions.

2. Adopting intelligent infrared sensor control technology with time control optional, our product can be turned on and off automatically.
3. The LED light source features super long lifespan. With semi-conductor chip emitting light, the product has no filament or glass bulb, so it is vibration-resistant and non-friable. Its lifetime reaches 5000 hours.
4. Our solar garden light does not contain mercury, xenon, or other harmful elements. The light ray it emits contains no UV or IR. No electromagnetic interference or radiation is produced.

5. The light source can be chosen according to the requirements of the customers. For example, LED lights, ceramic metal halide lights, high pressure sodium lights, low pressure sodium lights, and other light sources are all selectable.

  • HZT-01
  • HZT-02
  • HZT-03
  • HZT-05
  • HZT-12
  • HZT-15
  • HZT-17
  • HZT-18
  • HZT-19
  • HZT-20
  • HZT-25
  • HZT-45
  • HZT-46
  • HZT-47
  • HZT-48
  • HZT-54
  • HZT-70
  • HZT-71
  • HZT-72
  • HZT-93
  • HZT-95
  • HZT-101

Solar garden light is a kind of outdoor light. Due to its various shapes, beautiful appearance, landscaping and decorative characteristics, it's also called landscape garden light.

Our solar lamp converts solar radiation into electricity through the photoelectric conversion effect of the solar cell panels and achieves the purpose of lighting. It mainly consists of solar cell panels, brackets, poles, lamp, exclusive bulbs, batteries and battery boxes. The solar cell panels are made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon. The solar lamp doesn't need any complex or expensive pipelines and its layout can be adjusted.

The solar garden lamp adopts people oriented design concept and intelligent infrared sensor control technology. Full-time or time-sharing control is selectable. The good charge and discharge control circuit enables the product to have excellent functions of anti-reverse charge, anti-overcharge, anti-discharge and temperature compensation.

We are one of the world's leading professional solar garden light manufacturers. Our outdoor lighting product comes with excellent performance, elegant appearance, colorful and diverse lighting design.

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