1. Solar Flashlight.This HM-ST01 solar flashlight has the lamp formed by twelve LED beads. It has the functions of FM radio, hand electricity generating, flash alarming, etc.
    1. Solar Toys Our solar powered toy can instantly move forward or backward, and turn left or right. The headlight and taillight can be on or off just like the real traffic tools.
    1. Solar LanternOur solar powered lantern lamp has the functions of LED illumination, AM/FM radio, alarm, and charger. It can provide a convenient lighting solution for going out at night.
    1. Solar Desk Light.Light source: 20 ultra bright white light LEDs of desk lamp & 1 ultra bright white light LED of torch.
    1. Solar ChargerOur solar charger is designed for the electronics of various brands, such like the iphone, ipad, Samsung, Nokia, etc. Its ultra big solar cell module and high-capacity battery can supply more than enough charging capacity.
    1. Solar BackpackWith our solar backpack you can charge your mobile phone and other digital products conveniently at any time and any place. The solar backpack is especially suitable for emergency situations. You can keep calling for 100-150 minutes after charging your mobile phone for 60 minutes.
    1. Solar Powered Air-Conditioned ClothingOur solar powered air conditioning clothing has the solar panel that can charge the built-in lithium ion battery to power the two fans fixed on the back of cloth, to air cool the human body.
    1. Solar Powered Commodity SuppliesThe solar sun jar is a beautiful indoor decoration that can transfer the solar power into electric power, and emit light in the dark environment .
    1. Off Grid Solar SystemThe portable solar power system is a small off-grid solar power generating device which is specially designed for people living in regions without electricity. It can not only meet the ordinary demand for electricity, like home lighting, TV, mobile phone charging, etc., but also satisfy emergency needs when people travel outside.

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